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The Ultimate Guide to Why Men Cheat

10 Explanations (yet surely not all) Just Why Men Betray The Women They Love

From a sexual standpoint, healthy adult men are likely to be most stimulated by visual enjoyment of women’s body parts and sexual shows. Men in general also appear to have a larger psychological ability to engage in objectified, shadowy sexual experiences. This is the key reason why men enjoy pornography and strip clubs – settings that permit them to sexually objectify female body parts.

I am merely giving a few likely explanations of why men are unfaithful. It’s what men are built for. It’s a piece of their reproductive function. It is a by-product of extended life spans, more numbing careers, and too much labor. And it is an instinctive refusal to give up one’s own need for the problematic and antiquated structure of marriage.

1. Men become miserable in a relationship. This most typical excuse for cheating usually sounds something like she’s gained weight, nags all the time, and does not want to have sex any longer. What on earth is a guy to do? But in reality, no matter how rational infidelity may seem at the moment, having sex or affairs when unhappy with your spouse is an poor way to deal with relationship problems.

2. Unfaithful men may have spouses who cheat. Men also get revenge on their unfaithful wives, by having multiple relationships. Regardless of whether their wives are guilty, some men carry on with their tricks. This is mostly done by men who don’t want to forgive their spouses.

3. Most men have had a gorgeous woman in fact come on to them. Just how we manage it depends on several factors, marital status presumably chief among them. Single? Great, hit it. Not single? You know what the answer should be, but do you possess the willpower? The sort of husband or boyfriend who gives into this type of enticement is often less experienced with women in spite of his being spoken for. Self-discipline is way overestimated.

4. Once you hit 40 or even 50, a man needs to know he still has game. An opportunity to get naked with a woman half his age isn’t something to turn down – unless he’s sure to get caught. If it’s the babysitter, you had better add up the cost of half your stuff, since that’s a likely price to pay.

5. He isn’t who he appears to be. This man never meant to be monogamous, inspite of taking a vow or making a commitment. He doesn’t have empathy for his wife, and he sees being faithful as something to work around rather than respect. His desire to get what he wants anytime he wants it supersedes the benefit he places on respect, intimacy, and partnership.

6. Every now and then in a long-term relationship, people let themselves go. Maybe she has gained a ton of weight, developed a drinking condition, or simply does not care anymore. The problem with familiarity is that you don’t become aware of these things as they occur over time. Instead, you awaken one day and realize the creature sharing your house is a far cry from the girl you first spotted and lusted after. Yet again, for many men, it comes down to choosing between fixing a tricky problem or just chasing tail elsewhere.

7. A few men will turn to a new woman because they do not believe their efforts to bring home the bacon are respected. A rotten, shopaholic wife is enough to make an older man long for flower power, free love, and a simpler life.

8. Many guys remain aggressive throughout their lives. Conquest feels good. We need to be champions. What better way than by keeping a number of females happy.

9. Every so often you just have to break the rules. The stable husband and father checks out of the workplace, goes to a bar, and takes a day to blow things off. If that involves some strange, all the better.

10. He could be a sex or love addict. This man makes use of sexual fantasy and cravings as a means to calm demanding life tensions he sees difficult to tolerate. He uses sex and romantic passion to draw attention away from emotional emptiness and to stay away from uncomfortable feelings.

All through history, men have had multiple wives and lovers with the full knowledge of their tribes.

One issue with unfaithful guys is that we are not very good at getting away with it. Women are better spys than we are at concealing cheating.

Women have to understand still more regarding why men lie and cheat on the women they adore. How to discover it. How to stop it. How to alter it. ~

And maybe even before she commits, she needs to understand how to seize his heart and make him love her for ever and ever. You need to ask. However, most men will lie continuously. Only 7 per cent will inform you without being questioned. Even worse, about 86 per cent of men will lie even after being challenged with evidence. ~

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Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever

Capture His Heart ~

3 Methods to Capture His Heart. You Forever.

In this video, Mike Fiore explains how a woman “tamed” him and just about magically got him to decide it was time to stop “playing the field.” You detect that she changed the game and let him decide to make the change.

Some changes I made, but quite frankly, it’s the corrections my now wife made over the years that made me grow up and step up to be the individual she needed, and the person I secretly wanted to be. As men, we do not have to change unless a woman does the right thing to make us wish to change.

Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever. It’s called “3 Steps To Make A Man Love You” and it teaches you the 3 Simple Steps any woman can take to make a man not just “fall” for a young woman but to actually make him obsessed with with a woman so HE decides he WANTS to be sincere.

No matter if you’re single, dating, or have been committed for years, you need to watch this video now. ~ Capture His Heart And Make Him Love You Forever – 

International Marriage Brokers – Why Not Go Free

International Marriage Brokers – Why Not Go Free

International singles, dating, personals, marriage, and matchmaking sites are holding onto an outdated model of charging clients for initial contact info, either postal mailing address or email, in an time where social media communication can bring down governments. Mail order bride catalogs are over. It’s time to go on. As soon as men and women get beyond initial chemistry, IMBs can offer upscale services like travel and translation to earn real money.

8 Reasons Why Web-Based Dating Sites Should Go Free

1. Spirit of the Internet

The Web started as a free service that developers in the Defense Department gave back to the public. Free information has been the coin of the realm from the start. As more women abroad gain access to the Internet, free social networks will compel IMBs to go free for the first contact. A free online marriage service provides value and trust before it asks for money for upgraded services.

2. The Money is in the List/Network

Internet marketing gurus have made fortunes by compiling email lists. The value of a network or list is in the number of individuals who sign up free of charge and who open emails. As soon as you have a huge network of Western men searching for brides abroad, you have a perfect list you can rent to advertisers or for marketing affiliate products on your own account. Joint ventures with other list owners are an added possibility for monetization.

3. Member Demographics

Nothing is more valuable to advertisers than information about probable buyers. Dating profiles are an ideal tool – users voluntarily give up mailing addresses, email addresses, age, marital status, income level, whether or not they have or want children, and more. Your list can be sold over and over to marketers who can target the exact individuals for their products and services. Since it’s free, and if you divulge that you will share their profile information with select merchants, most members will understand that you need to make money to provide a free service.

4. Build a Niche Social Matchmaking Service

Maintaining a server and databases requires expensive labor and equipment. AnastasiaDate alone has over 240 employees in the U.S. and Russia. I fully expect nimble international dating agencies to come in and use low cost social networking platforms like Ning to steal business and put the big agencies on notice. A free social network also frees dating site members from the evils of IMBRA.

5. No IMBRA Issues

The “International Marriage Broker Regulation Act”, or IMBRA, demonstrates that noble intentions make awful law. Or more like evil domination over the human rights of individuals to meet and marry whoever they choose. In short, IMBRA prevents American men from filing K-1 fiancee visa petitions for foreign women if their marital and criminal backgrounds were not provided to the woman before first contact, and she has given written approval to receive the first letter, email, or phone call.

Supposedly, adult males who shell out for the international marriage service to introduce them to stunning matches have a “power” advantage greater than the bride abroad who joins at no cost, which can lead to mistreatment. The law is so immoral on so many levels, I will save a thorough examination for a later commentary.

Big online dating services like and eHarmony fought hard to be exempt from IMBRA, as did non-profit organizations. If your online dating agency goes free, you can forget the background checks for American customers unless you provide international socials that could be attended by hundreds of women who have no previous contact with the American customer.

6. Email

Postal mail is a remnant of a former era. Even in poor countries, women who are desperately in search of a Western spouse will unearth a means to set up a free email account on Gmail or Hotmail or whatever. It might be through a friend, Internet cafe, cell phone, or work. If she is too poor or too unconnected to have email, she is not ready for prime time international dating.

7. Control

Traditionally, small marriage agencies around the world recruit women for the web sites, set up their listings and images, and share revenue with the big agencies like AnastasiaDate or A Foreign Affair. All contact is completed through the agencies which charge subscriptions or per item fees for email, phone calls, translation, and other contact. A free of charge service run on a forum or Ning site enables a woman to set up and have power over her own images and profile, and to communicate inside the network without exposing her info to non-members.

8. Freedom

Free means freedom. Each man or woman is released to make contact with anybody in the system who strikes their fancy. We are all adults. In what I think are hard financial times ahead, finding your picture perfect spouse without shelling out tons of cash only to determine if she is interested makes sense.

In the Internet era, mail order bride catalogs are outmoded, and free flirting online is in. International dating services need to use low cost tools like Ning to construct their niche social networks and create profits that go way beyond selling addresses.

To find your bride, check out Free World Dating Sites and Marrying Younger Women Abroad.